Should I tell her how I feel?

I am beyond confused and really need some help.

I am sick to my stomach and heart aches...

I met this girl at work, I fell in love with her ( She has a really friendly personality that I didn't see at the time)

I asked her out, and she said no ( Later I found out she had a boyfriend)

I was really hurt, she is my first love...

It's been a year now, I have been trying to get over her, and realized that we aren't ment for each other...

But I found out she is single, granted she may not like me...

But I want these feelings to go away, and I am not sure if I should talk to her about it with her and I have been ignoring her and it has made things a bit tense between us...

I want to say that I had feelings, I was hurt when she rejected me, and just want to know what she thinks and get her opinion on everything?

Should I tell her how I feel?

Will I get closure?

I am really confused because I got over her, made a huge list of reasons why it would never work, started working on myself and forgetting about her...

But she is single now...
and I am just confused because I have feelings but don't want to date her anymore...


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  • Yes I know if you decide to tell her on some level you'll have closure.. it'll take time tho the healing process maybe.. but you'll finally have something to go off of. And also she might have made a mistake are you prepared to accept that as well are u prepared to move forward if she told u she's sorry and never ever meant to hurt you and give u the impression you weren't important to her? Are u prepare to accept her apology and create something between us two.. Sometimes we misinterpreted things and communication is off.. just be prepared either way.. u never know


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  • I think you need to find another job. The only way you're ever really going to get over her is to get some distance. She knows you like her... She didn't forget. If she was interested she would've let you know the minute she was single.

    • It really sucks... I still have all of this pent up inside and I really don't know what to do... My heart hurts I feel like crying...

      I feel so rejected as well...

    • That's no good.

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