It's been what?

my boyfriend cheated on me and we've been apart a couple months now. he's already moved on to another girl and has even gone all the way with her.

but I can't stop myself from feeling so miserable about him being gone. I know I know he's no good. but I do miss him. and well any advice on how to move on quicker? I've tried dating other people but the more I try the more I hate it. I don't think I'm ready for that yet. and I keep myself busy most days but when I get home all I wanna do is call him...what can I do?


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  • try something new. if you always date one certian type of guy try another. like if you always go with white dudes try asian or black. or if you always date meat heads try to hang with a geek (not full on geek) and don't even speak his name. something similar happened to me. I didn't speak of her for a while. and now I'm all good :)

    • Ill give it a try. thank you :)

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