When an ex boyfriend comes back in your life does that mean it's meant to be?

We stop talking two months ago I met this guy after our breakup but it didn't work out. Any who I told my best friend if my ex ever got his shit together I would be with him. Well he came back in my life and it almost like we never parted. I do want to try it again I'm just not sure if it's good to go back with an ex.


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  • Depends how maturely you two deal with this situation.

    If either of you aren't, it'll work out for a month or so but then collapse.

    • I didn't hear from my ex for 8 months before she got in touch.

      She's been trying to add me on Facebook again, which is confusing me quite a bit.

    • He's very mature. I left him for a stupid reason. He treated me good when we were together. He's the best guy I've ever been with.

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  • No, girl. I've got my ex blowing up my phone right as I text talking about how he wants to f*ck up my new "boyfriend" *this dude that wines and dines me whenever I'm in my city... which is mostly never lol* You couldn't pay me a billion dollars to breathe his air let alone get back together with him. It's usually a HORRIBLE idea to go back with an ex. The relationship dissolved the first time for a reason :/

    • See that's exactly how I feel! Like it's not a smart idea to backtrack.

    • It's really not! With relationships, it seems like it's best not to do do-overs.

  • It's pretty common (sometimes) for people to get back together with their ex. It happens. If you see a sudden change in him, or want to get back together with him then it's cool. Them coming back isn't any sort of fate. They come back for whatever reason it is.


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