How do I cut a toxic ex out of my life? I don't know what to do?

So about a year ago I dated this guy named John. He and I broke up 2 months later. Then this past spring he came back into my life and we agreed to be friends. As we kept texting and talking every single day (since like March through June) naturally feelings came back between the two of us and we both acknowledged that to each other and soon things started looking like we might get back together. He would start making all these promises based on his feelings for me and I actually started to believe him for once. Then 3 weeks ago he suddenly started dating this girl named morgan. We officially refriendzoned each other but we started arguing more and he started being really rude to me. Then today we were talking and he told me that he would never really consider seriously pursuing a long term relationship with him because I'm too slow for him in terms of becoming sexually active. He then asked me if I would have rather known or lived a life. I don't know but I'm feeling really betrayed right now. Whenever I let him in to my life he hurts me in someway but soon knows how to make it all better between us. I'm so hurt and confused right now. I thought we could just be friends but now I just want him out of my head. I've trusted him with a lot of secrets and now I'm scared to end all contact. Part of me wants his negative presence out of my life but the other half of me knows that I will miss him terribly due to how close we were. I don't know what to do!!! Please someone, anyone, please help me with this!
How do I cut a toxic ex out of my life? I don't know what to do?
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