What's so special about his ex that he can't let her go?

I really like one of my best friends, but I can't understand what he feels for his ex (and he can't either apparently...)

They'd always break up because someone would start freaking out about something (him- distance and the possibility of being her first...her - his first love because she's never been in love). In the end, he said he didn't think they could ever be so he broke it off for good.

Even though he's had another girlfriend, he can't seem to shake this ex. He says his attraction to her is just physical, but he'll talk to her most days out of the week. And he'll go out of his way to hangout with her. But they weren't even dating that long to begin with.

Why can't he seem to just..not talk to her so much and stuff? Does he still like her? Is he just lying to himself or something?


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  • He's lying to himself. He likes her in a deeper fashion.


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  • one four letter word _ LOVE

    if you go there with him you'll be hurt in the end


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