How is he feeling about the relationship?

We broke up 3 months ago. Before the breakup things were amazingly great. We had a lot in common with similar goals and wants for the future. We met each other family and they all approved of me and were happy that we both were happy. He was depressed/stressed and inturn cause him to close off. After that he told me he was not feeling what he thought he should or thought we were not growing closer which i found to be not true only for that month he closed off. During bu we still talked he contacted first to see how i was doing as well as to hang. We wound up having sex and have had it a few times since. The last time It seemed all about sex but I don't know. Everytime i sleep over and we cuddle and he holds me tight too. doesn't seem like we are apart. asked him to hang the other day he told me he had a lot going on and he did not know how he was feeling about everything going on. Could it be him feeling guilty about sex or rethinking the relationship like wanting me back since it seems so loving still? I do want him back and see us together again. I will be seeing him everyday next week as i have to attend his place of employment. What should I do. I told him i was here if he needed anyting. Should I check back in a few days or what. How is he feeling?


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  • It's only sex and nothing more nor will it ever be. He's only doing sweet nothings so you'll keep fucking him


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