31 days of no contact and nothing is she over me?

Hi all my ex girlfriend has broken up with me for the second time now trust me it's getting boring now :/ anyway the first time she broke up with me was because of lack of seeing her so this time round it's been to much and iv came across needy we had a big argument as she finished with me through social media again lol I'm 27 and she's 22 were together for just over four years me question is she has blocked me and removed me from everything I can still see into her insagram and other bits she's displaying a lot of anger one quote on her insta is (it's the single life for me!👌❤) and also putting pictures up when she has no used it for ages I went straight into no contact this time 31 days have passed nothing has been said I sent a letter today just an apology one not sowing signs of being needy begging or trying to please how long can she keep this up for it looks like she's trying to move on but I just can't see how you can cut out over four years of your life like that ladies can you help? Iv been doing self improvement during this time and going o it with friends any advice would be great


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  • Why don't u want the drama? Trust me if uv been dumped u don't want that person back they come back show them the door...

    • I don't know I really think it's because of the strong connection and how alike we both are I relly don't think she knows how good she's had it with me over the years

  • Just because someone ignores you it doesn't mean they don't care or aren't hurting inside. A persons silence is their loudest statement about how they are really feel inside.

    People can't just shut off their feelings right after a breakup. It takes time and effot to heal and move in.

    No contact is a dangerous game to play, and a manipulative tactic. If a guy did this to me he'd just be teaching me how to live without him. It would prove in my mind he didn't care at all, and wasn't thinking about me.

    If you are both over each other , and don't want to get back together then it's wise to cut contact. If you both want to be together again then you have to both fight to make it work.

    Communicate and compromise with each other. You can't " cry" for what you lost if you haven't fought to keep it.

    • Thanks for the input I can se she has put happily single on her Google mail but I take it this is a sign of just hurt? Or trying to get to me with mind games? I'm sure the apology letter will let her see I still care it's just a case of she will react to it

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    • Yeh I think all the problems at home have clouded her judgment time will tell when she reads the letter of she wants to come back I will keep you all updated

    • I take it this anger she's showing is a good sign that she still cares/loves how long can she hold onto all this negative stuff before remembering all the good times a lot more than these petty arguments?

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