Common for couples to break up after returning from a vacation?

There's a long backstory but it's mostly irrelevant at this point. My ex from 3 years ago found a girlfriend soon after I moved across the country. I, for some reason, wanted nothing to do with him at the time and therefore, didn't mind that this girl was his "rebound". Then, he continued to text me behind this girls back. And we both can honestly say that we never got over each other. We were each other's "first loves" and believed that we would get married one day. Now, two years and a few months later, this rebound girl is still there. And he STILL texts me without her knowing. Please don't say that it's wrong on my part, in my opinion he can talk to whoever he chooses to talk to. And she has never liked me for no reason at all, so I treat her the same way. Anyway, within the last few months, he's been texting me nonstop. Not just every few days like he used to. Literally every day, any time he gets a chance. He's always asking for pictures, saying how beautiful I am, asks me if I've found anyone yet & gets super jealous if I go on dates, even went as far as saying that he would like to meet up with me (to talk/see me), and stated that things haven't been going good with them lately, she's always yelling at him and telling him what he can/can't do, that he finally realized he never stopped loving me and never started loving her, that he doesn't think of her how he thinks of me, blah blah blah. And I feel the same way about him to an extent. I feel like I never stopped loving him. But then, he stopped texting me because he went on vacation with her and he doesn't want her to know that he's ever talked to me. But those previous things that I listed were the last things he's told me. It's killing me waiting for him to get back because I want to know how it went. But I've heard that it's common for couples to break up after vacation. Not that I'm "trying" to break them up I just found it relatable to my situation. So where do you believe this situation is headed?
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Just for more details, I still live across the country from him. I fly to where he lives (where I used to live) pretty much every weekend due to my family living there and having free flight benefits from an airport employee. He has also told me within the last couple weeks that he only dated her because she was "there" when I moved and that he just doesn't know how to end it with her.
Common for couples to break up after returning from a vacation?
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