Still hopeful, sad 1 week nc?

The guy I was dating needed "time to figure stuff out". We really connected, but as soon as we started LDR, he started going cold. I managed to pressure an answer out of him and he said he didn't know what he wanted. He said he cared for me and while he doesn't want a relationship at the moment, he sees potential (yes we made it exclusive for like a week). He said he was close to saying "I love you"/ He didn't want me to date other guys, nor would he date other girls. I miss him like crazy, but I haven't texted him and I haven't heard from him all week. I am losing hope and slowly adjusting to life w/out him, but I have a little hope. Will he ever contact me or was this an cop out? We never got intimate and he was actually crying (over facetime) about being confused about "us".

He was also afraid to get hurt after a bad break up from his ex.


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  • He's full of shit. "Time to figure stuff out" is what a pussy says for breakup. It's a ploy to keep you around thinking he'll want you which will never happen. You will not be friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. This is over


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  • One week is nothing, sister! Try 4 months!

    • Arrr My ex hasn't reached out to me in a month and a half now and we broke up weirdly after five years together, feel so crap...

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