Why does my ex keep sending weird messages to me?

So we ended things about a month ago and we had been seeing each other for 9 months. But we had been extremely close for two years and the closest people in each other's lives. He had been in love with me for three years apparently. Anyway we broke down and he was HORRIBLE to me. I mean like name calling, telling me I need plastic surgery, making fun of our personal lives, before telling me it's stressful and he's going through a bad time right now but he will come back.

Next thing I know he is with somebody else the same day as saying that. After three years of being in love with me. Once again we argued, he was even worse, telling me what they're up to together and what she has that I don't, how he will never contact me again as he hates me. He blocked me from everything and honestly I had to just move on. This happened about three weeks ago. So I've been carrying on with my life, getting to know new people.

I got a text from an unknown number and it turned out to be him claiming to send it to all his contacts that he's moving away and to text back if you want to meet up as they may never see him again. I ignored. He started calling me at 2am. I ignored. I woke up today to a message on Instagram and it was just one letter "l" from him. Nothing else. I'm unblocked from everything now. Is he trying to get my attention now?
Why does my ex keep sending weird messages to me?
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