So me and my ex break up?

me and ex break up and barely speak for about 3 weeks. we emailed back and forth and he tells me he would much rather see me in person than talk over the phone. I tell him if he wants to see me he knows where to find me. The following day he shows up at my job we talk for a few minutes and ask him what's up why he did me the way he did , he tells me I live in a bubble and if its not all about me, I say f*** everyone around me. I laugh and said wow OK. so then he kept asking me if I wanted to hang out this weekend and I said sure. I told him just to let me know ahead of time. He asked me if I have been dating I said yes he's like oh so you need 48hr notice I said no but if were going to hang out I need not to make other plans. So we ended on that, said goodbyes he tried kissing me and I gave him my cheek. he then calls my job about an hr later asking me if I wanted to hang out this weekend because he's going to have his dads house to himself and that he's thinking of throwing a party. I said yes and then he ask have you slept with anyone that your are dating and I said if you know me you would know the answer to that and besides what does it matter we are not together and haven't been for almost a month now. so I told him look if you want to hang out with sometime this weekend just let me know ahead of time and he says well why come to my job and ask me to hang out and then call me and ask me to hang out but not make any definite plan with me? an hour after the phone call he e-mails me and says "Hey it was a nice to see you I wanted to kiss you so bad" I emailed back lol its was really nice to see you too babe. here goes Friday its the weekend and he hasn't called me wtf. why would he say and do all that if he really had no intentions of hanging out with me ? I'm so confused now that I seen him it brought back all these old feelings. Him not calling me is bumming me out. any advise I really want to be with him but I'm not sure what to do next...


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  • All the answers are being based on what he's doing.

    The quetion was "what can I do so I can be with him".

    The answer is simple, if he said he'd call you to make plans and he hasnt, its his problem.

    U can only sit and wait, and ill tell you why, because if you call him, and since he's trying to get you to chase him, you will lose all power.

    If you really really wanna be with him, and cannot wait, just email him asking about the party.

    If he doesn't get back at you, move ur on. It's called "toying with ur emotions".

    • So you think he would go all out his way just to toy with my emotions?? that's kind of sccrwed up we live together and all he just want to toy with my emotions wow wake up call for me..........we were only together for 6 months. I was thinking of emailing him but I'm afraid he's not going to get back to me till after the weekend. I just want to know how to wheel him in

    • As I said before, if you want to try and wheel him in, send him an email.

      U'll find out what you want if he answers or not.

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  • It sounds like he is just trying to find out if you are still interested in him. Sounds childish. Wait to hear from him again and get some type of concrete plans with just the two of you. If he says he wants to be with you and has to have others around it sounds like it is not about being with you but him keeping you around in case he needs you.

    You may want to move on.


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  • I'm not 100% but it sounds like he might just be toying with your emotions.

    • Really why the phone calls and the emails why go through all that effort ? that's why I'm like wtf

    • Some guys are just really f***ed up like that I've meet some guys that did just about the same to me

    • "Some people are just really f***ed up like that" Fix'd so you're not a total bitch.

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