Why is my ex boyfriend not replying? Will he reply? Why was he trying to make me Jealous before? Why did he delete my number?

Me and my ex boyfriend were going out for nearly a year. He broke Up with me in January this year. It's been six months since the split. When we broke up he said he still loved me and wanted to be with me. I had a feeling it was his parents telling him to break Up because we had quite a few arguments and he was getting upset. But he told me he still wanted to be with me and there might be another chance in the future. He was already saying that just as he was breaking up with me. I sat next to him in school and asked if he was ok. He was very angry for no reason. I then wrote a letter saying I understood the breakup and still had hope for us in the future. He told me he got the letter. I unfriended him on Facebook to get peace of mind and space. I didn't tell him that so I'm not sure whether he was annoyed about that. Then he moved away from me in tutor and left me on my own. We haven't spoken since then. After a while I got moved onto his table in tutor. He started flirting and talking all the time to my best friend in front of my face. When we would walk in the room he would say her name and talk to her in front of me. It was very obvious. When we were together I told him that my previous boyfriend did the exact same thing and asked out my best friend (the same one). And I said I was very upset and he said he would never do something like that and it was horrible. And then when we broke up he did the exact same thing with the same person in front of my face. Why would he do that? My best friend was very aware of it and eventually told him she wasn't interested. He didn't seem upset at all which makes me think he didn't like her but did it to get at me and make me jealous. And yesterday it was his birthday. I text him "happyyy birthday :)" despite him texting me happy birthday. I forgot to put my name and he asked who it was so obviously he deleted my number. I waited for about 5 hours before replying "it's Daisy, hope you had a nice day" and he hadn't replied.


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  • Girl forget him and move on, holla at me let's have girl talk, hot topics

    • Why do you think he hasn't replied and tried to make me jealous

  • ... Taylor Swift much?


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