How long will this take?

My ex cheated on my and we broke up about 6 months ago now. Its not like I don't enjoy seeing other girls even though I haven't dated any others. For some reason I still feel sad that she isn't with me and it makes it very hard to be happy with myself. I know she was my first love but how long does it usually take


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  • she cheated on you. you're not happy. make a clean break then.

    some people don't change.

    unless you KNOW she has changed, then you go back and maybe try to work it out, otherwise, first love is first love, it means nothing to some jerks. My first love was a jerk and it didn't take long for me to leave him. I am glad I left him for good.

    it's up to you

    think about it. I am not the type that gives chances for 'cheaters'. but others do. weigh in the factors that are good and bad about her and make your decision


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  • if ur thinking about her odviously you still have deep feelings for this girl, so why not just hit her up and tell her how you feel? maybe you guys can work it out and be together. Why did you guys break up anyways?

    • She cheated on me and she treated me pretty badly I don't want to go through that again but I can't seem to bring myself to hate her

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    • I don't honestly know. She texted me one day about a month ago to see how my classes were going and stuff but we havnt talked since.

    • Well if I were you I would just move on . I know its hard but that's all you can do. if not you are just going to b miserable until you get over her and move on.

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  • It usually takes as long as it has to, but keep in mind you have to break all contact with the sex to actually start moving on.

    If uve done that already, start dating other girls or meeting new people.

    U gotta get yourself out there if you want to recover, I know its hard, but its the only way.


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