Ex left me to mingle with other people?

My ex broke up with me we weren't together for that long. For a whole month straight it was just me and her. Well she finally needed to talk and said she wasn't ready for a relationship at the moment and just wanted to have fun for the summer. She said she didn't want to stop talking to me, she still wants to hang out and stuff because she was having so much fun with me living life and it's been helping with her depression and getting over her ex who she broke up with last year. I agreed and I told her okay with a thought that maybe she will meet somebody not as great as me and come back. We started dating like normal for the next two weeks and now she's been getting a little distant and I think she met somebody on tinder already and it's slowly starting to bother me... I want to ask her?


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  • Well you know she's only with you because she enjoys "talking" with you (I'm unsure if there is just more to the equation) she also stated that she doesn't want a relationship and being around you has helped her get over her ex. So if she's starting to become distant, maybe she's found someone else that can entertain her. If you want to ask her, sure. But it means nothing because the two of you aren't together.. Together

    • We've had sex , I've met her parent and friends. She was always asking to hangout. Until recently she started seeing her ex with her bestfriend who are basically the only people in her life she said and it all went downhill from there. Well she told me she hasn't been going out with nobody she's just been staying at home with her sister. Yesterday she texted me late at night apologizing for her actions and it's just cause she's feeling horrible. She did want to go out but for some reason her sister woulsnt let her and took her keys. Sh said shebwantsbto be with me but she just needs time... and I don't want to be a dick but I need to look out for myself too. So I'm just gonna tell her we can just be friends.

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    • It just sucks cause I'm come to conclusions that I can't take her mind off of it and she's probably just keeping me along until she meets someone new

    • Yeah I know what you mean. It would suck even more if you did start to fal for her or whatever you know. Like I said keep your distance and be cool about it. Only start being there when she takes the initiative to start something with you and she's committed

  • you're being used as backup here... move on and find someone better


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