Ex left me to mingle with other people?

My ex broke up with me we weren't together for that long. For a whole month straight it was just me and her. Well she finally needed to talk and said she wasn't ready for a relationship at the moment and just wanted to have fun for the summer. She said she didn't want to stop talking to me, she still wants to hang out and stuff because she was having so much fun with me living life and it's been helping with her depression and getting over her ex who she broke up with last year. I agreed and I told her okay with a thought that maybe she will meet somebody not as great as me and come back. We started dating like normal for the next two weeks and now she's been getting a little distant and I think she met somebody on tinder already and it's slowly starting to bother me... I want to ask her?
Ex left me to mingle with other people?
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