When do you know someone has nothing to lose?

question basically.

more scenarios please lol


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  • Depending on the situation, if the value of the final outcome is worth more than the initial investment of energy, they have nothing to lose.


    - We talk constantly, and I am starting to grow feelings for her.. If I approach her we might be dating, and if she shuts me down, we are still friends. <-- There is nothing to lose in that scenario.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • When all the people around them has turnt on them and not a single one cares about their happiness or friendship anymore. All of there plans have collapsed and failed beyond restoration. Knowing what they have been holding onto for so long is dead and gone.

    Having nothing to lose isn't necesseraliy a bad thing since it allows you to cut all worthless ties and find a new path in life. To realise what went wrong, what wasn't right and to start again and not to fall into the same situation - though more often then not this happens sometime in the future and you need to know when to get out before it goes the same way as before.


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  • when I used to feel I have nothing to lose I was always absent and not really in touch with reality as if what happened didn't matter. I stopped looking before crossing the road, even when I could hear things coming I used the logic of it being pedestrian right of way and stepped out infront of a car. I also rarely argued my point, if I disagreed with someone then I didn't really care to explain and just stayed in my own head if you know what I mean. that's what I was like when I had nothing to lose

  • when they run into a mall infested with zombies with only a pistol

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