Is it possible my ex wants to be friends?

He messaged me 2 months after we broke up saying "hopes you're well :)". A few weeks later I said I do care about him & there's no hard feelings (we had an amicable break up).

He read the message, then asked me to send it again because he accidentally deleted all conversations (apparently). I said it wasn't anything really (felt embarrassed to send again). I said it was nothing important and hope he's been good.

He messaged me before work the next day "ok x", and then when he came home, he said he's been ok. He's moved to the flat upstairs etc.

Is this a good sign that we could be friends. I replied to him & then he replied saying he's managed to get good signal at home again and a little tick emoji, and I didn't reply since he didn't ask a question anyway. We didn't talk yesterday.

It's nice to have opened communication, and part of me does want to be friendly with him. We broke up because he needed to sort things out in his life & I don't think he could be there for a girlfriend like he'd want to be. He didn't have to reply in the first place. Maybe he doesn't mind being friends?
Is it possible my ex wants to be friends?
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