Being friends with ex boyfriend to work our way up to a relationship again?

My now ex-boyfriend broke up with me last night by saying that we should be friends and work our way back up to the relationship because he isn't comfortable anymore... Or at the moment. We were having issues that I was basically causing and we got into a heated argument for the second time about his female bestfriend. This past weekend. It's a lot of reasons why but the main one was because I just wanted to be the first person he wanted to tell things to, confides in, seeks comfort in etc. I came off as being insecure and thinking I'm in competition with somebody. Which was how I felt even though he didn't give me a reason to feel like that. He just said he doesn't know what I want from him and he can't reassure me anymore than he already has. We haven't met yet but we're going to the same college in about 2 weeks. I been said that the distance was an issue and there were times I didn't know if I wanted to be with him but those feelings didn't last long and at one point, we were the best thing to happen to eachother. He said he's been looking for somebody genuine like me for a really long time and I felt the same way about him. I blocked him on everything when it happened and told him I didn't want to be just friends so we might as well just say it's over for good. I feel like we could bounce back once we get in person but I don't know how to be just friends, I don't want to be friends with the hopes of getting back together and he's already moved on. And I was scared to open up to him the first time and I really don't know if I'll be able to do that again. Thoughts? I'm also scared that because of what I said last night out of hurt and anger, he's not going to try reaching out to me in person if he did want to pick up where we left off
Being friends with ex boyfriend to work our way up to a relationship again?
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