I feel like relationships will never work out for me. Can someone help me bring celerity to my situation?

I just went though a realty bad break up. The reason was our sex life. Now let me explain. I'm disabled, in a wheelchair. I've always been this way. She obviously knew this when we hooked up. Sex in the beginning was fine. I need a little help because I'm very small but she was understandding and helpful. During the relationship sex became less. A lot less. Now let me say Ii always maintained so much love and respect for her. I'm a good man with good morals.. I always made her feel special. Mind you I will say she is an alcoholic and she has a lot of issues anyway. I found out off her friend that she use to complain all the time that she hasn't had a good sex life for 3 years because of me. I'm just so devastated. She has even told me that her libido was low because of me. I'm just so upset because I think that every girl will have a problem with this. So I'm now single but feel so damaged. I tried so hard to help her in bed and satisfy her. I was really good at giving head and would be so accommodating because I lacked in other areas. Why string me out for 3 years and then do this? I feel like there's no hope left for me. I can't help what I'm born with. I've lived a hard enough life and this has just made things worse for me and my self esteem. Can someone help me bring clarity to my situation?


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  • I... I'm so sorry, that is awful. I think you deserve better than a girl who will dump you bc yr disabled! There is nothing you could have done. It is not yr fault. She is simply selfish. I doubt that it was anything really to do w/sex as much as it was to do w/ableism. She's a bigot, and even of not--she's shallow! I know you will probably still be heartbroken for a little while, but I hope you can come to see this. You deserve better than her.

  • It seems to me that u were in that relatuonship cause she was soneone who wanted u and u think noone would. She was not as good of a person anyway as u said sge is alcoholic with many issues. If she wasn't satisfied it doesn't mean every woman wouldn't be, dont judge ur sexual ability by one womans opinion. Naybe she is just a bitch and besides in sex communication is very important. Maybe the thing is that she was no woman fot u and its good she is gone. Now I get ur conditon and it must be hard, but its not easy for most people to find a good partner that fits their desires. So work on ur self esteem, accept ysf without such a judgment and try to find a woman that will be wiling to do the same.


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  • most people in wheelchairs aren't as lucky as u

    • I wouldn't class myself as lucky. It was a pretty toxic relationship and she was also abusive.

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