Should I tell her how I feel?


Well I work with a girl who I'm very interested in. we've been working together for about 6 months now and I get the impression that she's interested in me too.

so about 2 months ago I asked her if she would like to do something sometime, which she replied possibly, but then later that night sent me a text message saying she wasn't looking for a boyfriend right now and that she wanted to remain friends. which is really only "at work friends." she's pretty shy in general but she's pretty comfortable around me.

But the vibe I get from her is that is that she's interested, we talk about all sorts of stuff at work, from laughing about TV shows we enjoy to how we would raise kids someday, and everything in between.

shes says she likes to laugh at really funny things and I make her laugh all day long and she makes me laugh. she's somewhat called me charming one day also. we see eye to eye on basically everything we talk about, so can I possibly be reading way to much into all this?

Basically I got at least another year I have to work with this woman and my bottled up feeling seem to stress me out sometimes.

should I give it one last hurray and just tell her how I feel or just sail this friendship boat to where ever it might lead?


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  • Hey there. Firstly, you need to take care of you. The worst thing you can do is live your life thinking "what if?". Suggest an after work drink or a lunch, and tell her what you wrote here. Also, you mentioned that she does not want a boyfriend right now. This may be a result of a recent breakup, and your willingness to communicate with her honestly without any pressure may bring about some pleasant surprises. Remember not to be pushy or even expect a reply from her as this may make the work environment uncomfortable; just tell her how you feel.

    Good luck


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  • i'll assume this is a repost of your previous question & this time you decided to post as a guy...

    i'll refer you to my original answer, which of course I personally feel should be selected best answer ^_^

    but anywho... if you're not the same poster, you might as well refer to his question anyway as it seems to be exactly the same situation...


  • Bust out the cocky and funny. Call her out on her actions--in a cocky/funny way. A chick like this likes a challenge. You are being as David D. would say, a wuss. I suggest you read David Deangelo's stuff. It'll help you out a bunch.

  • never tell a girl how you feel. it always backfires

    • DOWN ARROW!!!!!!!!

      That is the kind of thinking that leads to the need for sites like this one.

      Most relatively mature people thrive on truth. NOt like me not like me per- se but the knowledge that they are being handled with respect... I am not blaming you for your ignorance because you are bombarded with it all day long it is what you hear so why shouldn't you believe it, but I am telling you, you do not want to be with someone who wants you to lie t them - think about it.


    • Hey down arrow me all you want lol. but do whatever you want man. if you decide to tell her you like her it will backfire if she doesn't feel the same and *sign* you will think of me. good luck.

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