Guys, Help!!! Will asking this guy to a wedding with me help me determine his true feelings for me?

I'm talking about my ex here. We still hang out and when we do it feels just like when we were together. We do the same stuff such as kissing, hand holding, cuddling together and other stuff. He talks to me about eighter getting a house or redecorating his place he's in now and he takes my opinions into consideration.
Although it is hard because he has never told me flat out he still has feelings for me, I just could feel them. I do not want to tell him bluntly my feelings for him because last time I bluntly asked to get back together he said "I don't want to get back together now". I don't even know what that means? But that was awhile ago.
Opinions please?


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  • Ok, you said he is your ex, but you both are way too close. Yes it seems to me that he indeed has strong feelings for you, he still loves you. I am not sure what's stopping him getting back together with you.

    How long has this been going on? how long has it been since you broke up?

    • It has been awhile like this so I'm so confused on what's going on

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    • Ok, so it was you who messaged me. I apologize I didn't know that.

      I'll reply to you in a while.

    • It's okay

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