I broke up with my girlfriend a month ago but it wasn't because we didn't like each other. What do you think I should do?

About a month ago I suggested that we take a break on our relationship. But it was only because she let this gay guy from her hometown come live on her couch. I couldn't stand him. not because he was gay but just because he was very annoying and he would drink a whole bottle of Heaven Hill vodka and listen to really annoying music. I couldn't handle it anymore. So, I asked for a break but she didn't want to do a break because we also broke up a week before because of him also. She said that I broke her heart but I never wanted to leave her. I want her back so bad. After the split she called me many times trying to work things out with me but I was really enjoying my free time away from the two of them. But after two weeks I started calling her and now she's the one ignoring me. What should I do?


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  • You need to have a calm, mature conversation where you both listen to each other and share your feelings in a tactful way. Remember that relationships require compromise. She has the right to do what she wants with her own couch, but she needs to respect your feelings as well. If you don't feel comfortable around this guy for legitimate reasons (i. e. his drinking habits) then she needs to take that into consideration.


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  • It's too late dude, you had your chance and you blew it. But if you want her back go to her house and tell her how you feel in person face to face look her in the eyes and tell her. If you don't you'll not for sure get another chance.

  • Sounds like you didn't like her that much. You let a temporary condition stop you from being with her? I would just move on if I were you

    • He has been there for almost 3 months now! I don't know what he's doing here except escaping from reality back home or something. All he wants to do is get wasted and listen to K-pop. I never wanted to break up. only take a break bc i was so annoyed with him and the way they would act together. I feel like she is codependant on him bc she misses her friends from back home.

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    • lol i'm sorry but your opinion sucks. thanks for the help... I guess.

    • Why does it suck? Lol

  • Learn how to work things out like adults

    • How can I work things out if she won't talk to me?

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    • I don't think I know

    • Understanding how to communicate in a respectful and effective way is a huge part of being an adult- and a huge part of having healthy relationships.

  • This was your fault, you should apologize

    • They're both at fault. That said, breaking up with her was a huge overreaction, considering that they had barely even discussed the problem or tried any alternate solutions.

    • @samhradh_leannan I didn't break up with her. I just told her I needed a break and then she decided to end it out of anger. For the next two weeks she was trying to get in touch and work on things but where I messed up is not trying during that period because I was enjoying being by myself.

    • Asking for a break was still an extreme reaction. However, it honestly doesn't sounds to me like you two are a very good match. If you really cared about her and wanted to be with her, you never would have ignored her efforts to get in contact with you during that period.

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