Who's had their heart broken recently?

I haven't had mine in a while
But my friend did and it's surreal watching him. If anyone has share, reminisce, and please message me. I'll be deep and feel
Sometimes you all annoy me
but were all humans together and I feel for you


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  • I think saying I 'had my heart broken' is a little bit of a stretch, but I was left feeling very hurt when I became the second choice for a guy who I really liked, and who I thought really liked me too.
    That was at the start of the year, and I'm still struggling to move on.


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  • I've had my fair share of let downs and disappointments by many people but never by a significant other as I absolutely never had one.

    So tell me, what was the breakup like for what your friend had to go through?

    • Well for me
      I wanted to die, literally
      For him...
      You chat just deceive heart break
      Maybe I'll write a take

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  • Recently a girl I really liked and dated for a couple months just stopped talking to me altogether. Nothing went wrong she just stopped and gave me no explanation. I don't know that we were together long enough to call it heart break, but I was and still am very hurt.

  • I have, the woman I want recently told me she doesn't want to be with me and thats what I get for being stubborn and opening my heart to someone who doesn't wanna hear it. I have to face it tho.
    Dont reply to this shit, not interested in what you think, just answering the question.

  • Yeah I did several months ago rather harshly. I have a better girlfriend now that treats me wonderfully. Message me if you want the details of my break up lol.


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