My ex is messaging me, but why?

So I broke up with my ex for 3 main reasons:
1. His friend was an issue and caused us issues in our relationship. She was too close even though she is with someone, she asked him to be her date to an eveby, sent him kising faces, said she loves him lots, named a star after him and said they could look at it together.
2. He definitely want kids and I'm still unsure. He's 31 and I'm 22.
3. His mate didn't invite me to her wedding but did him. We'd been together over a yr and we're practically living together. Ok it was her choice. But instead of telling me my ex kept it from me, booked it off work and didn't tell me he was going, and going without me too.

He didn't treat me well towards the end, we were on holiday abroad and I was throwing up violently, he told the staff who offered me medical attention that I didn't need it even though I was obviously very ill. Thej whilst we were with the medic kept asking if I was better so we could make the next show!
He also left me on my own to go on a roller coaster a few days later whilst I still felt rough.

He's texted me saying he misses me a lot, he has no friends and isn't close to his family like me and is struggling. I said I thought he'd be enjoying single life, as he was a party animal and he always looked at other girls even whilst I was mid convo. He said he wasn't. But then became concerned that I was enjoying it and asked me if I am.

I know he's been messaging another girl and asked her to be friends with benefits and for naked pics. He's single he can do what he wants but why text me that at the same time as messaging another girl that? Also he's been messaging and adding loads of girls to try his luck but keeps getting rejected by them.

He's still friends with my sister on fb and saw a pic of me and my family at the cinema together which she put on. Thats when he started messaging again. He can see I'm happy even though I'm single.
He also lied about not being drunk since we split up!
What's going on?
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Also he's been taking coke and ecstacy for the past 10 years. He told me he'd stopped whilst we were together as I said he had to for me to stay with him. Whether that was the truth or not I don't know...
My ex is messaging me, but why?
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