Do I fight for him or let it go?

So I have known this guy for several years, we've talked but I never pursued anything or gave him a chance, and in fact, I blew him off multiple times because it didn't feel right. We always got along though. This year, I found him on facebook and we started talking again, and a month later, we were in an actual relationship although he no longer lived in state. He told me he loved me before I even went to go visit him, which is not something I take lightly and I told him that. He said I was only the second girl he told that to, and I told him he was only the second guy. We are exactly the same, and I went to visit him for a weekend and everything was great. We had already been talking about kids and getting married and even got a dog together. After I left, we even started looking at houses together and planning on how to pursue that. He is the one that kept chasing me, not the other way. I met his family too. He knew everything I had gone through and I was specific in that I just wanted a normal relationship that would last. Then suddenly, he had a hard and long week at work and within a week was not texting me as regularly as he always had, he became quiet, and I would text him at least to tell him that I loved him, and he would at least respond back with the same. Then I finally called him out on it and asked him if he was honestly that busy or if something was going on? He had taken our relationship off of facebook without telling me, and it was just shady. He didn't really give me a straight answer but he said that he wanted to go back into the military and because he's seen what it does to people, he didn't want to put someone he got attached to in that position. Yet he is the one that was always chasing me! My last text I told him that it was just as bad as getting cheated on again. I was supposed to spend my birthday with him, too. So I deleted his number and deleted him off of Facebook. I don't know if I'm supposed to fight for him, give it time, or what.
Do I fight for him or let it go?
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