Does it mean anything if a guy doesn't talk to you but doesn't delete you off of a social network?

Dated a guy I really liked for a month a few years ago.
He broke up with me 3 times. 1st he said because he didn't think I liked him as much as he liked me. 2nd I don't really remember but it was a kid thing 3rd and last was Bc he asked too many questions and found out I did something with someone the first time he broke up with me and wanted me to do it with him and I think officially because after the second break up I cheated. It was long distance so I convinced myself we probably won't ever see each other anyway.
So we kept in contact kind of. Mostly to do stuff he wants to see me do probably because he thought i wouldn't at first. Or he's snooping. I don't know anything about him after that. I'm just realizing that thinking about it now. I guess I'm not as good as a snoop as he thinks I am because I remember once he said "like I don't know he's still single basically" when he has me blocked everywhere and on top of that everything is private. So not sure how I was suppose to know except Skype. And Skype has no info. So anyways on Skype I've messaged him 2 times he has ignored me. He's deleted me before but he didn't now. He just ignores me. I deleted him the last time kind of wanting him to delete or block me so I can try getting over him again. Bc I find my self clicking on his profile a lot. Does not deleting me mean he's probably going to talk to me again or just showing me that it doesn't matter to him anymore regardless. He waited a full 10 months to try contact me the last time. It's been 7 months since the last time he said anything now. Before it was a lot more frequent than that maybe longest was 10 days then it went to 2 or 3 months. And last time we talked before the last 10 months he said he blocked me.


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  • I think he will try to talk to you again one day just to be noisy and get in your buisness. He seems to make it a pattern to talk to you after many, many months.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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