Back to my ex or to my crush?

So i broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago because i felt she loved my a lot more than i loved her. She was a great girl and we always seemed to have a good time together other than the occasional fight here and there. What also lead me to break up with her is the girl i have a huge crush on. I always had a crush on her but never considered going out with her because of my girlfriend. But i found out that she liked me also so i started to think about her a lot. I didn't feel that this was fair to my girlfriend to be thinking about someone else and still be with her. So I've started talking to my crush and things have started to go along. But now i can't stop thinking about my ex. I start to tear up when i think about her. I don't know if this means i love her more than I thought or not. But i also still think about my crush too. So i dont know if i should go back to her or not. I really want both girls but know i can't have that. Just was wondering if anyone has been in the same situation and if anyone had any opinions. Thanks


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  • Wtf you talking a crush? You are a man, pick the woman you want and get over this shit. Do you want a serious relationship with your last girlfriend or do you not want a relationship and go for the other girl?
    You truly want both? Then be honest and tell them instead of playing games. Make up your mind and just go for what you want, become responsible for your actions.


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  • That is a very stupid reason to brake up with someone... Just saying

  • You loved her more than you thought deff


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