Is it true?

people say that there is someone for everyone.they say couples are made in you think its true?i haven't really found someone who I would call my prince charming even though I had boyfriends in past.there never had been anyone who I truly loved with my heart and soul.i was just wondering...if I would find someone ever...please answer.


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  • It's possible. I think that the definition of two people being perfect for each other isn't defined. Also I don't think it's one person. Does the person you can be madly in love and could have a near perfect relationship with, exist? Chances are high that he/she does. Chances of you meeting them? LOW. But it doesn't mean it's one person. It could be more.

    Compatibility with someone isn't something defined before we are born. Compatibility includes personalities. And we build that during our life. Just take that into consideration and the mythical and very romantic idea of that one ideal person for you, flies out of the window.

    Falling in love isn't defined by the higher power. It's you attaching to that one other person. Loving your perfect partner also doesn't have to be the best thing that leads to a happy life. Just take famous lovers into consideration. Like Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delihalah, Anthony and Cleopatra. They loved each other so much that it can be called the perfect love. The ONE for them. Yet, their love brought them nothing but ruin and pain. You can never tell that something is bad for you or good for you before you experience it completely.

    How can you know that the guy who you feel only crush for or the guy who stopped inducing butterflies in your stomach isn't your ONE? Good relationships are built 99% with time and effort. 1% stays for the destiny. =)


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  • fairly land, fairly land, fairly land. Hollywood VS Reality. Disney VS Reality. This fairy world stuff that women are brought to believe in is exactly that, a dream.

    If you want this fairy world dream, you may just have to go looking or maybe even work for it. Crazy isn't it? You may just have to go through trial and error, pain and suffering before you find it. That's the only way you will. You can't just sit there and all of a sudden believe that some guy will just be like "omg, I want to make her eternally happy! I want to buy her crystal slippers! I want to take her to Italy and sing her a serenade on those cliche boats down a canal! I want to write her poems! I want to defy the laws of physics and dance with her on the open ocean!"

    This is not reality, stop watching Twilight. Quit looking for love, it finds you. Don't lose grip on how the world works. Focus on what's important and what you need to do instead of fantasizing about the perfect man. Do that before you go to sleep at night after a productive day.

    • Your answer was

  • I don't think of soulmates as in th entire world. There are over 6 billion people on earth and I dont' believe that there is only 1 person compatible to 1 other person. I think it is just generally location wise.

  • No. The odds of even such a person existing, let alone finding them, is astronomically low.

    • Your answer pinched didn't help.

  • Well with a few billion people on the planet its possible, just have to find him...some people don't beleive in heaven or have alternative religoius beliefs..


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  • You're not even eighteen yet. Just be patient.

    • I guess you are right.

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