Getting a "revenge body" and other ways to make your ex realize they miss you and want you back after a breakup due to being on different pages?

long story short, i was in a really great relationship. my boyfriend and i would talk about our future and we were so so happy together. then all of a sudden it just suddenly changed. he said he couldn't see us getting married or having a future together. we wanted to wait it out a bit and see what happened. we stayed together for a month and the distance between us just increased that much more. by the end it felt like a completely different relationship with a different person. when i told him i missed spending time together and he told me he didn't miss it and we were on different pages i knew i had to end it. what can i do to make him realize he does miss me and wants me back? "revenge body" tips and other tips?


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  • I thought you meant hooking up with another dude lol

  • Yeah just work out for a better body lol.


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  • Message me! I'm really good tips on how to look your best

    • I just followed you. Follow me back so I can message you? It won't let me message lol

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