Why do people get upset when they know they dont have you?

Why do people get upset when they know they dont have you? My ex has been friendly to me since we've first made ammends after a nasty break up. Long story short, he must have felt confident id take the bait by him flirting with me BIG TIME the other day. Now he's ignoring me and avoiding my path. He expected me to text him how i missed him or wanted him but i didn't now he looks... well, makes it obvious let me put it like that. Is this a power trip of a narcissists? I feel he thought he knew he had me but found out he didn't and now he's bothered. He said some really hurtful things to me the last time we broke up (i always broke up wit him before) while he was intoxicated so I've forgiven him since then but just want by gones to be by gones cuz i dont trust him anymore.


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  • I think because it makes them feel powerless or weak and people don't like that feeling, nobody likes that feeling, right

    • No but its all ego so thats what he gets. Im always gonna be nice to him regardless cuz im always bigger person in these situations. But to think you have someone? Reality checks hurt

    • thanks :)

  • Seems like you already answered your own question.


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