Girlfriend got in bad fight and broke up?

My girlfriend for 2.5 years is starting to play games and now we broke up. She' use to love me so much. She'd beg & cry on her knees if I ever suggested breaking up, and she deleted all social media for me. I use to never treat her like I should've in the first year or 2. I was a ass and barely saw her. but she was crazy in love with me. but the past few months I've been treat her so good and bring her out all the time and give her love & attention. Now during the past few months she's been playing games. She'd pick stupid fights & break up for me for liking a picture for example. When we were single she was liking one of her ex boyfriends picture (they dated for like a week, a couple years back) and I found out she sent him dirty pictures while we were broken up. We fixed things up and today I caught her texting him an I asked to see and she hid it from me. I told her we can fix things out if she was truthful or I can drop her off and be done completely. I was yelling at her to show me her phone but she kept lying saying it was one of her girlfriends. That's when I called her names and she decided to go home. Funny thing is that when she broke up with me weeks ago, I'd do the no contact rule and on the 2nd day she would blow up my phone telling me how she's missing me so much and saying stuff like "really going to throw away 3 years?" What should I do? She claims she still cares and she always agrees to hangout but this stuff happens. As of now we're done but just wondering what went wrong..

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I was asking her nicely to show the phone. She refused multiple times and I asked her if she to tell the truth or be done and she chose to be done which set me off
Girlfriend got in bad fight and broke up?
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