Why did my ex start talking to me then disappear. Is he playing games?

He text me 2 months after we broke up "Hope you're well :)", then a moth after I text him because i wanted to move on. I said no hard feelings etc. It was a mutual break up. He read my message, then text me that he deleted all his chats by accident & could I send it again. I just told him it wasn't anything really. Nothing important anyway & I hope he's been good. He replied the next morning "ok x" & when he got home from work, he said he's been ok & moved to a different flat upstairs. I replied & he said it' much better there etc. 2 days (wednesday) later he asks"how's your flat?" I replied & he hasn't even read it. He hasn't been online.

Is he playing a power game? Also when he asks me a question, my texts don't go through till hours after like he's switched off the internet.

All I wanted was to tell him no hard feelings & move on. He didn't even have to keep talking to me.


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  • Hmm pretty much sounds like that, but you can win that game

  • I would probably say just move on, just say it once and no need to say anymore, also you said he deleted all his chats by accident? i don't think that's physically possible unless its on purpose. Just carry on with your life and that's it and just chat to him like friends if your still friends etc etc.

    No need to overthink yourself with if he's playing games with you, and what if he is, what should my next step be, should i do this, etc etc etc


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