Should I be worried about her talking to her ex?

So me and my girlfriend of 6 months love each other, but I get so annoyed that recently like in the past 2 weeks or so she's been starting to talk to her ex again. She talked to him a lot when we were together and just starting out, and then she stopped and now she's talking to him again so should I be worried?


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  • if theyre just talking, and you and your girlfriend love eachother, then I don't see why you should worry. jealousy and doubt can kill a relationship so maybe you shouldnt overthink it. trust is a crucial factor in a relationship and lack of it never ends well. You sound a bit insecure getting annoyed just because she is talking to her ex, so it just depends on whether or not you trust her. if you dont, then ask yourself if your relationship is really a good one.

  • Absolutely,

    if you were talking to your ex I very much doubt that she would be okay with that. Plus, think about what would motivate you to talk to an ex? Now think about what her motivation is to talk to her ex. Doesn't that naturally raise a red flag?


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