Is it really over between us?

Me and this guy from work fell in love. The only problem is we are both in relationships. We have been talking and hanging out at work for a little over a month, we started falling in love with each other a few weeks ago. He quit his job due to what my significant other said to him because his girlfriend called me a bitch for no reason. They didn't know what was going on between us, all that they knew was that we were "friends" from work. Him and his girlfriend got into it one day because I was messaging him on messenger and told him that I missed him and she freaked out. We were talking about leaving our significant others for each other. Our relationships are difficult because we have controlling and abusive significant others. Me and him had been talking for a couple days this week up until Wednesday when all of the sudden he blocked me from Facebook without any explanation. He sent me a message earlier telling me that if his girlfriend was to message me to block her. Later on that night I created a different profile to ask him and his girlfriend why he blocked me. She replies, "he said that you were trying to get him to leave me." I replied, "did he really say that?" she replies, "he wants me to block you
now." I never told him to leave her, not one time ever. His response was, "you're to leave me and my fiance alone... Good bye." "we can't talk anymore" and something about him and his girlfriend, but now he's calling her his "fiancé" which he told me he broke off the engagement to her a few weeks ago. He talks so much sh*t about her, he even sent me inappropriate pics and told me that very same day that he blocked me that he wanted me and only me. Last time he sent me a message like that he told me he did it to get her off of his back and that he didn't mean it. He told me that he loves me and misses me every day. Why would he do what he did or if he did? Do you think it's over for good or is something else going on?
Is it really over between us?
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