Will my ex boyfriend come back?

It's been 2 year will my ex boyfriend will even come back to me? Do he even think about me a little bit?


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  • I think that you should stop wishing that he will come back. Come on ! it's been 2 years ! If he left you, and 2 years later, he still hasn't made an effort to get you back, it probably means that he doesn't love you anymore.

    Sorry, but it's true.

    Get on with your life. Meet other guys. Don't be stuck on him. If he still loves you or is interrested in getting you back, he WILL come back. If he doesn't... there's nothing you can do about. But for now, get on with your life. PLEASE ! DO NOT KEEP ON WAITING FOR HIM.

    • Thank you for leting me no that it just hurt to no it's true.

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  • why don't you try contacting him. that might be a start?


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  • NO and NO.

    And it's best if you stop about him as well and open up for other guys. It will do you good.

    Good luck. x


    • I try other guys and they are all not the one for me they play to many games I just think there is no one out there for me.

    • There is, but nobody said it will be easy.

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