What do you consider cheating?

Flirting? Hugging? Kissing? Sex?

How far do you think someone needs to go for it to be considered cheating?


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  • - Flirting with any intention other than just having fun as aquaintances / friends

    - Hugging with the emotional bond of looking for more than just someone to turn to.

    - Kissing in any way other than a form of greeting/goodbye

    - Sex at any level.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I'd say having his arms around another girl, or holding hands. Pretty much any physical contact that is meant for relationships, or any form of romantic affection with someone else is cheating. Intentional flirting isn't cheating, but it shouldn't be done. Kissing, yeah that's definitely cheating. And of course, sex, that's the ultimate form of cheating.

    But it's not just the physical stuff, there's ways to cheat with someone emotionally, as well.

    • You said physical contact...does that include hugging or is hugging different?

    • Nahh, hugging's allowed. Haha, if that was the case, then my ex and I would have cheated on each other ALLLL the time. When I said "having his arms around another girl", I meant that as in cuddling, standing beside the girl with his arms around her wasit the entire time, or sitting beside a girl with her arms around her neck or something.

  • The furthest is kissing...if he did more than that..i'm leaving him...i can forgive innocent flirting...flirting happens even if you don't realize you're doing it..when it comes about hugging, well if it was just an innocent hello and goodbye hug, haven't seen each other for years hug, or hug me I'm sad..then its okay..cuddling on the other hand..he'll be in trouble

  • kissing and upwards is cheating to me


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