Should I delete my ex's photos?

We just brokeup and he changed her profile photo (with me). Actually, I had an idea that I can keep his photos, screenshots etc. But now it can just make forgetting him harder. So should I delete the things from him or hide them and let them stay as a memory?


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  • yes... he is your ex. go enjoy a new life x


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  • Delete them. They'll only remind you of him and cause you more pain and a harder time forgetting him. Besides, they will be more tempting to look at if you still have them.

    When I broke up with my ex I deleted his pics, all the text messages he sent me and all the ones I sent him, threw out the loom band bracelet he'd made me, told my Mum to give the teddy he'd gave me to my little cousin and deleted him on Skype.

    It took me a few days to delete him on fb - I was talking to a guy friend on Skype the night I broke up with my ex after I found out he'd cheated on me and my friend told me he sounded like a player, his relationship with this other girl wasn't going to last and I quote "He'll come running back to you and then you can say no"

    The only reason I didn't delete him on fb was because I was waiting for that to happen so that I could have the last laugh. But then I realised, he has my number and I met him through a friend so he could tell her if he wanted me back and I could contact him that way and say no anyway. What would keeping him on fb do? Aggravate me every time I saw a post from him or a pic with him and the new girl, make it harder for me to get over and then say no when he comes back? Then what? Just delete him on fb? It all seemed a bit silly when I thought about it so I just deleted him on there.

    I spoke to my friends (particularly male ones) to help take my mind of it and would also use college work as a distraction as well as trying to eat healthier and exercise more (I wasn't fat, I just felt I'd feel better being a bit skinnier). I'd also watch shows with characters in who I found attractive to help get over it. In the end I naturally ended up getting a crush on the guy friend I mentioned earlier who I already found cute. I'm with him now.

    I decided if we break up, I'll still be friends with him like we promised although we may not be as close and I'd probably just unfollow him on fb rather than unfriend.

    I do think you should delete things that you remind you of your ex though, they will make it harder to get over the break -up and could pro-long the heart break. It could also get in the way of you finding a potential new partner.

    Just be brave and delete them. Then go talk to your friends and watch a good movie with your celeb crush in or flirt with some cute guys or something.

    Also if you're wondering, my ex did break up with the girl he cheated on me with and tried to get back with me a few times, but I was having none of

    • That was a really good story. Thank you. But this is our 3rd brokeup. In our first brokeup ı deleted everything about him but we didn't want to breakup. It was about my family. And I felt so bad deleting them all. I still kinda have feelings for him but I don' want to love him or talk to him. And I am scared that if I delete everything, will I ever want to look at them?

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    • Thank you again. It's nice to hear those. :)

    • It's okay :)

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  • Depends why you split. Keep them for now just keep them out of reach and make a private album on fb. If you got back together you would regret it

  • Delete them so you can get over him.

  • I agree with @wankiam


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