How can I move on? I am so heartbroken?

He was my boyfriend for 3 years. He had to go abroad for summer school. He said he wants to break up. We broke up i was really heartbroken but i actually never thought that it was a real breakup. The reason is that he kept calling me cute and stuff. We kept texting and calling and all. And then he went abroad. He rarely texted me. He usually send me pictures. With other girls. He is in a restaurant with a girl and then he is in movies with the same girl. I can't believe he never think about my feelings when he sends this pictures. I thought he still loved me. But he is over. He has moved on. I was still here waiting for him to come back. I thought the breakup was temporary and when he comes back it would start again. But now he is in a relationship with an another girl. How can i move on. I still love him so much. He will come back in one week. And after i see the photos i said him that we can't talk anymore. He dindt get why. I said that he moved on so fast i can't belive. And he said omg if you still love me just wow.. And then i was really broken i said i hate you. I will never love you again dont even text me anymore i said. And now he will come back what should i do? Also his birthday is very close. Should i celebrate? What should i do to make him regret?
How can I move on? I am so heartbroken?
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