How can I move on? I am so heartbroken?

He was my boyfriend for 3 years. He had to go abroad for summer school. He said he wants to break up. We broke up i was really heartbroken but i actually never thought that it was a real breakup. The reason is that he kept calling me cute and stuff. We kept texting and calling and all. And then he went abroad. He rarely texted me. He usually send me pictures. With other girls. He is in a restaurant with a girl and then he is in movies with the same girl. I can't believe he never think about my feelings when he sends this pictures. I thought he still loved me. But he is over. He has moved on. I was still here waiting for him to come back. I thought the breakup was temporary and when he comes back it would start again. But now he is in a relationship with an another girl. How can i move on. I still love him so much. He will come back in one week. And after i see the photos i said him that we can't talk anymore. He dindt get why. I said that he moved on so fast i can't belive. And he said omg if you still love me just wow.. And then i was really broken i said i hate you. I will never love you again dont even text me anymore i said. And now he will come back what should i do? Also his birthday is very close. Should i celebrate? What should i do to make him regret?


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  • Oh dear! Hold yourself together. I know it's easy said than done. The fact is, there are many great guys out there right now who are looking for a girl like you.

    You are better off focusing your energy on good vibes than looking for ways to make him regret. You are better than that. Aren't you?

    In my last breakup, the following worked for me; it could work for you too.

    # Step 1
    The first thing I do is accepting I cannot switch off my feelings for her like a switch light.

    # Step 2
    I feel the hurtful feelings of breaking up rather than diverting attention from them. It doesn't matter if it takes a day, week or month. Diverting focus from the hurtful feelings only decelerate the recovery process.

    # Step 3
    I accept she is no longer with me, instead of nursing hope and fighting to win her back. This is the biggest mistake I made in my first breakup. It only heightens the pain and prolongs the recovery process.

    # Step 4
    I focus on the good memories she brought to my life, and on things I would have loved to experience with her. This shifts my mind from hurtful to positive emotions. The mistake I made with my first breakup is I focused on her frailties to convince myself she wasn't beautiful enough. I was merely lying to myself because if she wasn't good enough I won't have been with her in the first place.

    # Step 5
    I remove items (e. g. clothes, cosmetics, pictures, etc.) that I associate with her. I also block and delete all her phone number, email address and other forms of communication like whatsapp, etc., including the contacts of some of her friends.

    # Step 6
    While carrying out the above five steps I engage quite a lot in activities, such as meditation, running, gym and strolling in the woods and park. I set important activities to do daily, and focus on completing them.

    # Step 7
    I draw inspiration from my first breakup. I flash my mind back and challenge my behaviours and thoughts. My world didn't crumble. I dated beautiful girls after that. I then flash my mind back to current breakup. It then suddenly changes my perspective, confidence and mood. It's like telling myself I have been through this before, and came out stronger 6 to 12 months after the breakup.

    • Now he texted me saying that his grandpa is dead. I didn't text him at all because he really hurt me. But now should i text him back?

    • It's customary for the living to pay their last respect for the dead. Hence, it's sensible to convey your condolences to him for the passing of his dad. Do just that.

  • First of all I really respect than I really do love him.. but at the other hand he is not in love with you or at least he thinks that or he is dumb enough to understand the true love. But now u said that I seen pictures of other girl with him and now he is coming back so u should talk to him and short some things out. and then take the decision of ure relationship.


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  • To me, he seems a little immature, I think he shouldn't of said you were cute and be kind of flirty with you after you guys break up. it's either you break up or you stay, I just don't think it was right for him to do that to you. I think you need to tell yourself that you deserve so much better than this guy, it just wasn't meant to be. I would delete him off any social media and phone number and find an activity, that has helped for me. It will take time but eventually you will get over him


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