So long story made short and to the point: My boyfriend finally told me the truth and told me in the first month of our relationship he cheated on me with some girl (he says he just kissed her and it was a one time thing) He said the reason he did this was because I was never around (like I never put a effort to see him) and because he thought our relationship was only going to be a summer fling he says after that he never cheated again and he knew our relationship was serious I am still freaking p*ssed about the whole thing but I don't know what to do. Do I let it go and ignore it or do I break-up with him? I am so torn and so confused about the whole situation and I just don't know what to do


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  • I suggest let it go for now because he said it was only a one time thing

    guys comfort girls when they are down and maybe that's how the kiss happened

    whats important is as long as you are in his heart and keep up the good communication

    you two will have a bright future

    btw take a look at his previous relationship record if you can

    whenever he was a cheater or not

    • When he told me about the whole thing he made it seem like he didn't care either way which made me mad even more I told him if he even cared if we were together and he said "Well I tried"

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    • You are right also we talk every night should I act like nothing happened or what should I do? In the past I have done that and he got upset because he said like it never happened but I don't like acting all akward on the phone so how should we talk? If we even talk because I'm still pretty upset with him

    • If you like him still I say talk like there was nothing happened

      if you don't (you are upset with him) talk like he is interviewing you

      interview is like he ask all the questions and you just answer either yes or no

      don't do it for too long or otherwise he might lose interest on you

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