Girls, Exgf cheated?

46yr old exgf got drunk and abusive at least weekly during our final year together saying things like

Your not worth the financial convienience
I can't believe I had to pay rent
Your going to grow to be a short fat old man
Don't you want to look beautiful for your girlfriend
You will never find a woman as beautiful as me to love you
Rarely helped with house chores
Didn't contribute financially save for $150 week plus food bill once a fortnight when her kids stayed over and went nuts if I ate something I wasn't supposed to saying it's the kids food.. I paid all the utilities and did 99% of the house work.

Her daughter hated me from day 1 was constantly disrespectful saying your not my dad I can do whatever I want
mum moved out after Kid had fit over food I ate that kid wanted and a week later broke up..

What I didn't know was that my ex was cheating with at least one and sexting several others during our final year it's also possible she was sexting as early as our second year her ph records went crazy with late night texts and calls while I was asleep.
Within a week possibly earlier and after she was dumped by the cheater (34 yr old muscleman) she tried two other men without luck and finally settled with and entered into a live in relationship with an aquaintance of ours that had been on her social media page for most of our rs.. he is 57 tall, obese and reasonably wealthy not a millionaire but has income that exceeds mine and my ex combined.. he takes her wining and dining, weekends away at romantic retreats, buys gifts, takes her out drinking and partying, vacations and within their first year together has renovated his home to accomodate her and her kids..

What I can not understand is why insult my weight which at the time was only 10kg above average hardly obese but the obese mans weight is not an issue?
Why cheat and not just breakup when I asked her if she wanted to a week before she moved out?
Why all the insults
+1 y
When confronted there was no apology no asking for forgiveness no empathy despite my obvious distress not so much as one tear from her.. just stone cold emotionless stare.. when I asked why all I got was I don't know but wouldn't have if I loved you.
Second time being cheated on in a row leaves me wondering wether I'm doing something wrong or not doing something right or if women today are just like her and my prev wife @51 I'm most likely going to be single for life f
Girls, Exgf cheated?
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