Is it over for good, or can this relationship we had be repaired?

Well we hung out a Wednesday, the 20th of July and that was after he was gone for a little while on Vacation. He even said you haven't seen me for a week, etc. Now keep in mind too, I have been saying stuff to him lately to him which involves me coming up with irrational thoughts about him losing interest not wanting to be with me etc and I don't know if he got tired of it or what. I have been through a lot these past few months. Lost my job, my car and I think it took a toll on me and him. However, I just was saying you know a lot about us hanging out because I hadn't seen him in a week and I missed him and he said he was busy with work and working out and this past Thursday on the 28th, I was like well you could always stop by like you did last week after work. I skipped Zumba for him last Wednesday and normally he would want to see me after a week, so the whole thing made no sense to me at that time. He didn't even want to go with me to get my prescriptions either, and he doesn't even live that far from me. Moving on, Thursday night I was like you know most boyfriends want to spend time with their girlfriends and he was just about lost it with anger. He was like okay shut the fuck up we aren't dating. I've lost interest in you and It's over things like this happens in life you'll get over it and that he said stay away from me. I couldn't believe it. I went crazy and was texting/calling leaving voicemails and nothing. I feel stupid doing that, but it was the heat of the moment. He blocked me from texting him, but I can still call. Anyways, I've been trying to be the old Donna he knew when we first started dating, and I could never get myself to be in a happy place. Maybe now that we aren't together, I can focus on me and show him that I can change my life around. I think the timing of us being together was off. I don't know from a guy's perspective if what he said was true or out of anger or why guys just stop talking after getting into an argument.
Is it over for good, or can this relationship we had be repaired?
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