I feel so lost and empty, violated, what should I do?

well around about the beginning of last year, I started vibing with a guy... Okay so yeah as time went one I fell for him and I thought he fell for me and whatever, honestly I didn't think much at the time when he asked me if I was a virgin and obviously I said yes, he said he wasn't so I was just like alright cool, so anyway things went on and we got into a relationship, and then one day, we were just chilling then he picked me up and went to the room, I'm sure you know what happened... But I told him I wasn't ready, I told him I'm waiting for marriage, but he just said I should trust him, in a way he forcefully made me sleep with him, after that honestly I felt lost but didn't say anything at that time, so our "relationship " went on but he would do the same thing every time, and I felt that I was obligated to doing it, even though I didn't feel comfortable, he broke up with me when my mom lost her job, because he could come and do what he wanted , if that makes sense... Anyway he still spoke to me and so on and when my mom started getting contract jobs this year he was okay with me again, then he did it again, we broke up like 2 months ago, but now I feel lost and empty because of what he did, what should I do? Should I speak to someone?
I feel so lost and empty, violated, what should I do?
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