She's giving me one last chance. What should I do?

We've been together for almost a year and a half. Things have been great, we can talk for hours, and never get bored, play like a kid. Fairytale. Granted, we started out as friends. We think we have the most similar personality ever, and our friends think so too. We have talked about marriage, and kids. Met her family. Just like romantic movies. lasted for a year.

My perspective: Arguments arise when she started to go clubbing and confessed that there were grinding (she could feel dicks behind her). I didn't go with her for some reason. Biggest regret. In addition to this, a guy friend of hers who is interested in her, came to fetch her to lunch, and she went up his car.

I started feeling insecure, to every single things, and express out. I am an expressive kind in nature.

She is someone who takes things in and don't express much.

Her perspective: Don't always accuse her. She linked all of the arguments that happen since clubbing, and tell me we're not suitable for each other.

My perspective: I have been picking on every single things i have done for her, because she doesn't express, and I thought she was taking me for granted.

Her perspective: Don't always calculate what I've done for her. She just is not an expressive person, but she knows what i've done for her. And she can see I've done so much, and see that I'm always the one who gives, while she is always the one who takes in (arguments).

The last time we argued, after it was solved, I said another wrong thing again, saying that I'll be okay, but it hurts me more to know that she will hurt even more than me.

Her perspective: She prepares herself knowing that I'll be okay, and thought of break up. She told me about it, but said that she will give us another chance, a week.

Please advice me. Scold the crap out of me. I love her. I know she does too. She just wants me to change. But what can I do?

Asked her if she still likes me. She said don't ask question like this, it's not the same anymore.
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One thing to take note: She wants to see changes from me.

I'm being: We will be happy; Trust me;
She's being: Can't guarantee; It will happen if it happens; I hope;
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But guys and girls, before you say anything bad about her, she's a baby actually, who needs to be loved. She's nice, innocent, doesn't repeat her mistakes. True to love. Everything is perfect about her.

Trust me, I truly believe it's because you guys are hearing from my perspective, that you guys think of her this way (that she's bad). Think of it like this. Nobody is perfect. Her weaknesses, are basically just everything you guys know right now.
She's giving me one last chance. What should I do?
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