Why do men cheat?

I do not understand why men cheat. They have a perfectly good women. Very nice, very smart, very attractive but they still wonder off and screw other women it doesn't make sense to me it never did.


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  • Ahhhh the taboo question,

    Yes, there have been countless centuries of both (yes both) genders cheating on their girlfriend/boyfriend, or spouse.

    So, what does it come down to?

    The cheater does it for pleasure or wanting to get the attention that he (since we are talking about men) feels is not getting from his girlfriend or spouse.

    In the girlfriend situation, the cheater is wanting more or does not feel enthusiastic about the relationship anymore, and feels he just has to move on...

    However, in the wife situation, the husband still loves his wife; but he feels he needs something that is "forbidden" you may say. Its the thought of a thrill.


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  • It's not just men is woman too but it really is about the person that cheats not the gender...and to answer your question I don't know why they do it...It's so dumb when they already have someone good enough in front of them.

  • You are assumign monogamy is the norm, recent studies sugest 50 to 80% of men cheat and 20 to 50% of women cheat. It can be explained by biology, dna, environmental, conditioned, indvidual attitudes to risk, morality, religion etc reasons. Some men just can't bond to a single woman becasue of genetic difference compared to men who can. If you look back in history you will find that infidielty was chic and practised widley, but it had a deleterious affect on society so attempts were made legally, religously, morally to put a stop to it. How can you stop something that everyone wants to do, in the end the obvious reason is the most cogent it feels so good...


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  • Women cheat too, so knock it off with the stereotype.

    People cheat because they are weak, they are bored, they are attention whores, because they are insecure, there are tons of reasons.

    It reflects on them, not on you.


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