Why would my boyfriend want to break up cause I asked to see his friends list?

Basically my trust for him has fallen as recently I found out from his friend a girl flashed her boobs to him and he never told home.

So I asked him if I could see his friends list on a game he plays 24/7 and ignores me for, there's nothing I could possible find on it, but I guess I was just being nosey to see if he has female friends.

Anyway, he kept saying no so I nicely begged, and he sent me a picture of a small amount of friends then blocked me on everything.

I text him and asked him why he didn't send all of it and why he blocked me on all social mmedias

He then argues with me on text saying he wants to break up because I dont trust him, THEN tells me the picture of friends list was a fake from google. So why didn't he just show me the real one? And let it be done with

We've been getting on so well recently, and when I found out about the girl I wasn't too bothered, just the fact he didn't tell me upset me now he's all depressed and ignoring me saying I ruin his life cause I asked him one favour :(

Weve been together for 3 years, weve had issues in the past with him not telling me things, but its been great for a long time now


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  • This is really not good. This guy doesn't seem to be truthful and honest with you and I can understand that you don't have much trust in him, then why do you still want to be in a relationship that is clearly lacking in trust?


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  • Sorry but this guy sounds like a real prick. It's really immature to block you on social media, and that also seems to just show that he has something to hide. Like sending you a fake friend list? Childish. I'd dump his ass if he wants to be a crybaby little bitch about something so stupid.


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  • he sounds like an ass, my last boyfriend did the same thing he blocked me on stuff... and you know what if they didn't have nothing to hide they wouldn't be doing that crap and want to make you feel content... f him! You're much better than that sweetie... find a better man that's going to take your feelings in consideration and not make you worry.

  • Sounds very fishy. I wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior from my boyfriend. It doesn't seem like he loves or cherishes you if he's lying to you like that

  • Why? Because you have no trust in him. Why have a relationship with no trust?

    • But it's not always like that. He doesn't tell me something then it takes a few weeks to build that trust back up. Surely he should know he made a mistake by not telling me about the girl getting her boobs out for him. Shouldn't he be helping me build the trust back up?

    • Why do you need to know if he didn't respond? Because for all you know he didn't. So it shouldn't matter

    • I don't understand

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