Contacted ex after over a month NC? Initially willing to talk, now is freezing me out?

I just contacted him after NC for ages. I said that "are you willing to discuss a few things briefly?" He said " say whatever you need to say". He seemed willing enough to talk. He didn't shut me down.

Now he completely blindsided me with the breakup and literally tossed me aside with no explanation, after me going through think and thin for 6 years, so I have found it hard to wrap my head around, get closure and move on. I said to him " I was wondering why did you end our relationship? I never got an explanation"

I thought he would be a decent person and at least give me that.

Days later and no response.

Did I put my foot in it? Maybe he doesn't know why?

Should I just leave it? I literally feel so mad to the point where I want to say could you have the decency to respond after throwing me away like a piece of rubbish after all I've been through for you. I won't sink to that level, but there is no way to get what I want?

Advice needed.

Thank you.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Even though you asked him for an answer why he decided to end the relationship, he may never tell you. Truthfully, you may never find out. About the only thing you can do is try to go on with your life -one day at a time.

    Each new day, think about what you can do to take care of yourself, and move on to the next step. It hurts - a LOT! BUT... you will get through this. The thing is, you can't make someone like you, want you, love you, or stay with you. In EVERY relationship (including marriages), the other person stays because they "want" to. Hopefully, the promises made during a marriage ceremony sink in a lot deeper and each person does their best to work situations out, long before they might leave, but it happens.

    You cannot change him, you cannot go back and change the past, but you CAN change yourself. So try to go on. Take things slowly. You're still fairly young. Never give up hope for a good relationship in the future.


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  • for him to freeze u out this way suggests there is a 3rd party involved and he doesn't want to admit it. Is this a possibility?

    He replied due to having respect for you but he never said he would respond...


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What Guys Said 2

  • "" say whatever you need to say"
    doesn't really sound like he was willing to talk. it sounds like he was just sort of saying whatever

    he literally gave you no reason for breaking up

  • How long did you go out for then, 6 years? How did he break up with you? He seems like he doesn't care at all and isn't going to tell you. You must have some ideas why, any?


What Girls Said 1

  • Who cares, move on, he obviously is too immature to give you the explanation you deserve. My ex ghosted me and I was mad at first but the truth is he was just a coward and so is your ex.


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