What the hell is going on with my ex please and thank you?

Okay, so we've been friends since Sophomore year of high school, and dated for six months after we graduated. Before and while we were dating we were in pretty constant communication, which he didn't wind up being a huge fan of at school. We did our best to accommodate each other, but it didn't really work at the points we were both at. We broke up after winter break this year, and had something close to radio silence from December until once in March when we saw each other and a little bit in large group chats. We were never angry, no one was bitter, everything was pretty mutual and respectful all around. Fast forward to summer. We've seen each other more in group settings, and all of a sudden have been Snapchatting (which i know is barely communication but bear with me) every day and just talking more. It's not really one of us being pushy or always starting things, it's just a steady stream of conversation. Is he only talking to me because he's bored and its summer and there's nothing better to do? Does he just keep replying to my replies because he doesn't want to be a dick? Or does he want to be closer friends again? Or is it something else entirely that I'm not grasping. Any input would be lovely really. I'm out of ideas.
What the hell is going on with my ex please and thank you?
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