Having Another Relationship While Married?

I'll keep this short.

My mom is very very open with me. She's been with my father for 20 years, and is out of love with him. He's basically free loaded off her for a decade while I was growing up and claimed to be taking care of me. He always had a good work ethic and we suspected he was burned out or depressed but after six months and going to therapy, he hasn't given a clear answer or sought help and it continued for 9.5 more years.

He has paid nothing he's supposed to so my mother has paid for everything for all 3 of us in a VERY expensive part of the US. We both pretty much hate him for that and other reasons but that should be a good background.

Anyways she can't divorce right now because I'm heading off to college and other issies so it's a horrible time to. She's communicated to him that she doesn't love him and I feel horrible and I want her to have someone and be with someone. Should I mention to her to maybe try to find someone else? Of course talking to my father and making sure that's okay, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to even mention it. Thoughts?
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Sorry if it wasn't clear but I was suggesting an open marriage until they got a divorce
Having Another Relationship While Married?
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