I dumped my boyfriend, but he just called me crazy for doing it, was I right to do it?

I'm 15 & my boyfriend & I were only dating for 2 weeks. Everything was perfect, it all seemed too good to be true. But I went on vacation, and he seemed to get less crazy about me, but everything was still fine. I planned on seeing him the day I got back, & he cancelled saying his mom said no. But that night something happened & I was really upset & needed to talk to him. I kept telling him I wasn't ok & I needed maybe ten mins to talk to him on the phone, but he was too busy playing on his xbox, finally he just told me to chill, and went to bed, wouldn't even listen to me. This was Friday. I couldn't get over what happened. I tried to explain to him what was going on but he would just say there's nothing to be upset about. I kept trying to get him on the phone to talk but he still wouldn't call me. He told me "I'm calling someone else right now" both times I called him. I tried to forget it but it seemed like all the effort from him was gone, I tride to make plans to see him but he basically ignored me on that too. I tried talking to him about it, telling him things weren't the same anymore, & I was going to breakup with him. He didn't understand why it wasn't just ok & I kept trying to tell him it was bc he wasn't the same, I didn't see the effort anymore, & that things weren't good like they were in the beginning. Instead of offering to change he just called me crazy, & we've been fighting about it. I tried to drop the subject again & see if things would go back to how they were, but he still wasn't puttimg in effort anymore. This morning I told him it was over, & he told me the last few days have shown I'm crazy & we fought but I finally said "I need to make sure I say this and you know we're really done" & he said "say what" & then I didn't respond so he said "Goodbye Sarah." Was I right to dump him? I still have feelings for him but I didn't think I had a choice, I need someone who's going to treat me right. I don't know what to do, I already want to beg for him back


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  • i think the fact that he wouldn't talk to you over playing his xbox after being gone for a while and cancelling plans shows you that his heart doesn't seem quite in it

  • I don't think you're crazy at all for breaking up with him. You're looking for someone who will at least pay attention to you. He obviously didn't want to put forth the effort from his actions and by what he told you.

    I know you desire that attention, but don't try to get back with him. He's already shown he doesn't really want a girlfriend at all, since it seems his XBOX is more important. You're very young. Use this situation to learn what to look for in a guy the next time you get a boyfriend. You'll be OK.


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