What should I do about my boyfriend of 3 years ending things because he says he doesn't love me anymore?

We started dating as sophomores in high school and will be sophomores in college, going to school an hour apart. We've always been natural with each other with minimal fighting, and were always able to resolve it when we did. The past year, we only hang out once a week when I'm home and when we do, its because I set it up and hounded him about it. We fought a lot more when I went to school, because I have anxiety and overthink, and he began to refuse to talk about feelings and working things out. He used to be so sweet and kind to me and made me feel special. In February, he called me at school and told me he doesn't always feel like he is still in love with me and sometimes feels single and that he felt guilty. We talked on the phone and worked it out and he said everything was better. 3 weeks ago, he came over to end things, because he didn't love me anymore and even gave me a check for the hotel we were supposed to share at the beach soon. Before he left, he changed his mind and said to give him a few days to figure out what he wants. An hour after he left, showing up an hour late to work to talk to me, he texted and said he didn't need a few days to figure out he wanted to be with me. A week and a half ago, he ended things through a text saying he doesn't love me anymore and that he had to do it, because he is just stringing me along. He said he just stayed with me last time to make me feel better even though I repeatedly said I didn't want to be with someone who didn't love me back. A few days ago he said that after 5 days he has no feelings for me at all. Our friend says he still seems sad. I want to work things out but in a month we'll be apart again and he plays college sports. I want more than anything to be together (but mutually happy), but I don't want to feel heartbreak again. I can't stand not being a part of his life-platonic or in a relationship, and I can't stand being platonic with him. How do I handle this situation and how do I act towards him?
What should I do about my boyfriend of 3 years ending things because he says he doesn't love me anymore?
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