Why did he install a deadbolt and door handle the day before he left me?

I have been with boyfriend for over 3 years. He is the stay at home quiet type so I never know what he is thinking. He went AWOL yesterday for NO reason=we didn't have ANY fight or spat-we were doing wonderfully. His mom hasn't seen him. He doesn't party and he doesn't date other girls. All his things are gone.

My main question is, 2 days ago he bought a deadbolt and door handle for $20 for my front door and installed it. That was just a day ago, and he left yesterday. Why did he do this? He also couple days ago said he wanted to "buy a gun to shoot."

I don't know if someone is after him or what? About 3 months ago he had a sword in his closet that he got out and put under his side of the bed. I don't know if someone is threatening him or what?

I need guy's opinions because I think men understand more about what I'm talking about here with the deadbolt. thanks for any input


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  • Could be anything he's acting weird, is he on medication, drugs etc. history of mental illness in family. Or he could be invovled in something you don't know about. Bit weird if you ask me its always the quiet ones you have to watch out for...


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